Unlike most bakeries, our cakes are priced by the order, based on the cost of ingredients and the time needed to complete the design. The more expensive the ingredients, the greater the number of flavors, the more intricate the detail, the more expensive the cake will be. To receive a quote, please contact us listing the number of people, the flavor(s), desired shape and design.

There is no additional fee assessed for fondant. Like all cakes, the price is based on cost and time—the use of fondant will be reflected in the time component, which (if decorated simply) can be less than with more traditional icings.

Three-dimensional carved sculptures are priced in the same fashion as wedding cakes but the price per slice varies widely. As the price on this type of cake is highly reflective of time spent on detail, there is no average per slice price. It is not uncommon for a large, simple cake to be priced lower than a small, intricate one. Once all the parameters of a design are identified, we will be able to quote a firm price.

The price is based on the distance to the event site.

Piped or hand-molded flowers are available but priced separately from all other aspects of the order.

Cake Toppers
Should a client be interested in a cake topper for a wedding cake, we ask that the client secure it themself. As everyone’s aesthetic taste is unique, it is cost prohibitive for us to stock cake toppers.


"Wow! We and all of our guests were blown away by our Liberty Bell wedding cake you made for us - thank you for your creative and delicious contribution to our day! It was an amazing work of art."


With gratitude-
Kelli & Pred